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Samosa for Breakfast

RedYelA.gifThe day started out great: I had spicy Samosa for breakfast! The stuffing was actually a spicy Thai curry concoction. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but very nice in spite of that. I had seconds, coated in sweet-red chilli sauce. It’s a good thing I’m leaving here soon, or I could get addicted to the food.

How did I know it was a Thai curry, you ask? Well, I could go on and on about how the red chiles were treated in the preparation, or the subtle use of pineapple and coconut, or way the lemongrass and galangal flavors marry to produce a soft backdrop to the zest from the chiles. I could, but I won’t. Actually, it was the morning prep chef who told me. When it’s stuffed in a samosa and fried, I doubt I could tell a Thai curry from a Mexican adobo. Except it was good. (I bet the Mexican one would be good too. Hmm, maybe Thai-Mexican fusion? I get dibs!)

Speaking of which, my work here is (almost) done. The Work work is complete. Now I need to find some gifts and enjoy a few more international meals containing chiles. I got the former covered; I know where in Suntec Mall and other malls I’m going to stroll through. I’m still deciding on the latter. Probably a couple trips into Little India.

I know, after a great three weeks here, that I’m going to miss the cosmopolitan mix of cultures, languages and edibles. Every day I’ve enjoyed the polyglot sidewalks, with the rolled r’s and soft a’s of Tamil; the sing-song syllable soup of Cantonese; and the mind-twisting hybrid of exotic and familiar patter contained in modern Bahasa Melayu. If you think the languages are varied, you should see the food! It’s not easy being me, having to leave such a wonderful place. (Be sure to send all sympathy donations care of this website.)

On a lighter note, I found Yet Another Fine in Singapore. Two, actually. And they really, really need explaining to me. Why is it that dancing in public could cost you $5,000, while indecent exposure only warrants a $500 fine? I mean hey, this leads me to believe you should do your street-dancing while naked. At least that’s what any other right-thinking American would do. In any case, don’t get too demonstrative when celebrating the end of a tough work week in Singapore. Trust me, it ain’t fun (or cheap).

I’m also starting a list of brands (or businesses) here in Singapore that wouldn’t make it in the States. Here are three:

  • Rentokil Air Fresheners
  • Lucky Vasectomy Services
  • Underbridge Catering

Vote for your favorite by writing it on the back of a U.S. $20 (use a $50 if you’re going to send Sing bucks) and send it in to me. I promise to faithfully count and report the results. (I think this is what my friend Tom Chandler would call “monetizing a website.” At least I think that’s what he said.)

Time to move on. I need to go sit by the mailbox and get ready to count votes. In the meantime,

Enjoy the (Thai) Heat!

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