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Trout Undergound Denizens: Thanks for Stopping By!

It’s good to have friends. Even if they are like Tom. But all you Trout Underground readers know exactly what I mean. And his post on my recent fish grilling notes is really pushing up my numbers! (Or maybe it’s the clever way I snuck in the word “Porn” without warning a few days back.) […]

Friday Follies IX

We’re Baaaack! Time for another edition of funny food, and the people who make it that way…

Burger King Management: “Damn the Economy! Full Steam Ahead!”

Who cares that there’s a recession looming? Burger King certainly doesn’t seem to. A recent announcement indicates they will release the world’s most expensive cheeseburger in the U.K. – A whopping […]

On Your Mark; Get Set: Grill!

Trout on the Grill

Now that the weather here in south Texas has turned off hotter than a laptop battery and drier than baked sand casserole, it’s time to get grilling!

My buddy Tom over at the Trout Underground is always fishing around for new “on the grill” recipes for the trout he buys at the market. […]

Grillin’ Seafood: It’s Easier Than You Think

A recent survey in Chile Pepper Magazine indicates that most cooks believe seafood is the most challenging stuff to grill. While it’s true you can’t just dump fish on the grate, turn the heat to high and wait for the fire department to let you know it’s time to eat, grilling fish is easier than […]

Heat Up the Grill! Summer’s Here…

Memorial Day starts the summer season for many people. Here in Texas, of course, we’ve had summer for weeks now, and we’ve been grilling regularly, so we’ve got our supplies of marinades, rubs and sauces ready for the peak season. Here’s a sauce you will enjoy:

3 cups fresh orange juice
1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
4-6 chipotle […]

Homemade Curry for Paradeshi

If you enjoy curry and chile dishes like I do, but have a family that doesn’t enjoy curry so much, then have I got a product for you. Four, actually. They are: (drum roll, please:)

Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste
Mae Ploy Green Curry Paste
Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste
Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce

You may have noticed a […]

Gentlemen, (Re)Start Those Engines!

Spicy Blog Returns

Life tosses you curve balls; you adjust your stance and swing away. Strike out and you sit on the bench for a while, wondering how Charlie Brown must have felt. Then you play right field for, like, three dog years (that’s five months for most of us) while the other team bats around […]