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Home to New Mexico

No, I’m not going to New Mexico. However, a good friend of mine will be retiring there next summer, and this summer he’s out there in the fresh mountain air, working on his retirement home. We talk all the time about good food and the fun we have cooking and trying out new dishes. He can’t wait to get settled out there and start learning the local dishes from the “experts.”

That got me to thinking about the great cuisine you can find out there. Hatch chiles in much of it! The New Mexican style dishes called “Mexican” by the locals are a big change from the Tex-Mex I grew up on, and the first couple of times I tried it I wasn’t sure I liked the distinctive differences.

I’ve uploaded three recipes to the Recipes du Jour collection: Stacked Red Chile Enchiladas, the Red Chile Sauce needed for those stacked enchiladas, and a Hatch Green Chile Casserole. These are a small sample of the wonderful flavors and zest of New Mexico cuisine. You might even say it’s a cuisine of a different color…

Enjoy the Heat!

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