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I’ often asked, “How do you rate those recipes you post on the Chile Underground?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Of course, it’s an important trade secret, so I can’t tell you.

But in the interest of supporting the growing community of chileheads who look here first for something zesty to try out, I can give you some hints. I’ve uploaded the Chile Recipe Rating System cheatsheet guidelines file. (Look for it in the Download Vault.) Here at the Chile Underground Charbroiled Inscrutable Noshes Agency (CUCINA) Research Kitchens we take our rating seriously, as you can see. We have a huge working group (if you count the dog, the cats and all three turtles) and we use a proprietary process to get at the truth. (Usually, I lose the vote.)

Nothing but the best for our readers!

Speaking of which, I’ve uploaded two recipes to the Recipes du Jour page: Caribbean Fondue and Mexican Chorizo Fondue. I hear fondue is making a comeback, so dig out your old pot and stickers and get ready for the revolution! Now that chiles are so popular, I decided to get out in front and get some Fondue Fusion dishes up for all you baby-boomer chileheads…

Enjoy the Heat!

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