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A Thai Dinner Party at Home, Part I

I found a stash of recipes I’ve worked on before and then somehow forgotten. Someday I gotta get organized! In the meantime, I’d like to share this collection of Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. I’ll be adding them to Dad’s Chile Cookbook, and of course I’ll upload the majority of them to the Recipes du Jour page (and eventually to the Download Vault).

Say you’re having a dinner party for about eight hungry adults who like spicy food. And also say you want to try out some exotic-sounding Thai recipes. Have I Got a Dinner for You!

Be sure you’ve got a big, round or square table, and drag out the Lazy Susan if you’ve got one. Get lots of little bowls ready, and small plates, and Asian soup spoons and chopsticks. Then get started, you’ve only got about three days before the dinner…

Let’s make the sauces first. For your dinner party, you’ll want a couple of sauces. I’ve uploaded four to the Recipes du Jour page, in a section on Thai Cuisine:

If you’re just starting out on Thai cooked at home, I recommend Nam Prik and Nam Prik Ong. The former is an everyday sauce, not very hot, can go on almost anything (although I draw the line at Blue Bell Ice Cream). The second one is good as a party dip as well. Nam Prik Pao takes more work, but because it involves roasted veggies and added peanuts, it has a broader range of flavors.

If you know your diners like their Thai on the incendiary side, then Sambal Bajak is just about right. Which is to say, too hot for young and impressionable types, and any girlfriends you wish to actually keep.

Next post, I’ll talk about the soup and the rice, and more about Thai-style dining…

Enjoy the Heat!

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