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A Thai Dinner Party at Home, Part II: Appetizers

I know, I promised last installment that we’d talk about soups and stuff. I got ahead of myself! Before you have the diners move to the main courses, consider having some appetizers first. Besides encouraging the group to chat and relax, serving appetizers give you time to put the finishing touches on your dishes.

Satay is one of the most popular snacks in Thailand, and there are many streen vendors that can serve you great variations on Thailand‘s entry to the great international food-on-a-stick contest.

However, Satay is so well-known that I recommend some other, more exotic dishes for the appetizer course. And in general, they’re just as easy to prepare as Satay. Here are some ideas:

Quite a bit of the preparation of these snacks can be done well in advance, and believe me, your guests will think you slaved all day on their behalf. Be sure to milk that for all it’s worth!

(PS Apologies for the delay in posting; I had to survive a Whole Day without the Internet…)

Enjoy the Heat!

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