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A Thai Dinner Party at Home, Part III: Soup and Rice

Whether you’re holding a formal or informal Thai dinner, you’ll want soup and a rice dish. Here are my suggestions, although there are certainly a wide range of possible substitutes:

If you snoop around a little on the Web looking for “authentic” Tom Yam, you will find there are many variations. Each Thai chef has their own interpretation! When you consider not just chicken but seafood (Tom Yam Goong) or vegetarian (Tom Yam Het) versions, the possibilities are endless. And endlessly tasty! There’s even a fruit version (Tom Yam Polamai).

Combo Fried Rice is known to most Americans, through Chinese restaurants. However, the versions found here are not as tasty and varied as the Thai version listed. When you eat fried rice in a restaurant in Thailand, you may find it’s not exactly the same every day. They’re especially good at using whatever is available in their cuisine, and sometimes the available ingredients changes.

What makes Thai Fried Rice different from other styles? Fish sauce, chile peppers and kaffir lime leaves. Whatever you choose to add to your Thai fried rice, consider those ingredients!

Enjoy the Heat!

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