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A Thai Dinner Party at Home, Part V: Desserts

Dessert isn’t served every meal in Thailand, of course. Nearly every opportunity to partake is exercised, however! When a full meal with guests is served, there are often two desserts, not just one. So if you’re a dessertaholic then Thai cuisine and customs are tailor-made for you.

Here are a couple of nice selections, out of the many Thai-style options that are out there:

Tapioca and Coconut Creams

Fried Bananas

The Fried Bananas is simpler, but I personally favor the creams for their silky texture and moderate sweetness. You can imbibe them like shooters, right out of their little cups! The only problem is learning how to leave some for the other guests. That, and leaving them until dinner’s over.

The time has come to talk about how to bring all these recipes together into a “formal” Thai dinner party. We’ll explore that next post! In the meantime,

Enjoy the Heat!

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