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Top Chefs Do Spicy in Finale

Season Four of Top Chef is now history. Stephanie pulled it off, in spite of her frequent scowls and angry body language. I was pulling for Richard, just a bit. (With Andrew gone in Week 10 and Dale in 11, of course.) I mean, how can you go wrong with liquid nitrogen in the kitchen?

All season, Lisa tended towards Asian style dishes, with quite a bit of zest at times. Indeed, I think she lost the whole thing in the finals with her Prawns in Chili Basil Sauce, which the judges said was well-done but too zesty.

Man, these folks need to get with the new millennium! Don’t they understand the new cuisines? If the dishes aren’t about a quarter napalm, they’re just not great!

Lisa’s dish was a version of a great Thai standard, Phad Kapraow. This dish works with shrimp, pork or chicken, and it’s quick and easy. Commercial Phad Kapraow pastes are available, but why bother when it’s this easy?

Try it out yourself, and you can enjoy in the knowledge that this should have been the winning dish in Top Chef

If You CAN Stand the Heat, Come Into My Kitchen!

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2 comments to Top Chefs Do Spicy in Finale

  • I’d have been horrified if Lisa won. She was on the chopping block for what seemed like half the season (hardly a Top Chef pedigree), and that’s ignoring the fact she was kind of a pain in the butt.

    In this case, we can feel good about Stephanie becoming Top Chef, something that couldn’t necessarily be said when Ilan rose to the title.

    Food gossip; I love it.

  • TC: Frankly, quite a number of these losers were not chef material, let alone Top Chef. Lisa had her issues, but she used more zesty ingredients than every but Dale (I think).

    I hope they get a more presentable stable for Season 5…