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The Pleasures of Mild Curry

Okay, this is a blog that celebrates chiles. However not everything has to be blazing hot! I’ve loaded four new curry recipes on the Recipes du Jour page:

Butter Chicken is not for those on low-fat diets. But since that only covers about two readers on here, I don’t feel bad about posting it.

The Lemon Curry Chicken dish is super-fast and easy. It will work for pork or beef as well, but the flavors of these meats are a bit stronger, which may mask the light essences of the dish. Play around with it and find what you like on this one.

Thai Mussamun Curry is often called a “celebration dish,” as Muslim families in southern Thailand cook it for all sorts of family observances. You don’t need to follow Islam to enjoy this one!

The most enthusiastic dish of these four, capsaicinly-speaking, is the Burmese one. At least it was when I fixed it last. (Maybe I need to actually measure out the red curry paste next time, instead of scooping out until the sauce was red enough to paint a fire engine.) What’s interesting to me about this dish is that the aromatics go in last, without sautéing or sweating like in so many other meals you see. I believe, based on some admittedly limited research, that this feature is typical of many Burmese dishes. Perhaps that’s the signature “twist” to their cuisine?

None of these have the singe-your-eyebrows intensity that many curry dishes are reputed to have. I really think curry may have gotten a bad reputation; I seldom find it highly zesty, but it’s dishes are always flavorful.

I invite you to check these out, and as always,

Enjoy the (Mild) Heat!

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