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More Friday Follies III: Snake-Man Eats Whopper, and More…

I didn’t find any items that are blow-hot-coffee-out-your-nose funny this week, but there’s the usual harvest of food-related whimsy, drollery and eccentricity. Start with luke-warm coffee, just in case…

The Fast Food News reports on a hilarious advert shown in Japan for Burger King‘s Triple Whopper. I don’t think it will start any trends, such as slither-dancing or anything. But with those fun-loving Japanese, you just never know.

Drew Carey, the current host of that gripping reality show The Price is Right, has a thing for pizzas. And when Drew has a thing, he’s not afraid to spend on it! He recently ordered 45 pizzas (you read that right: 45 pizzas) from Antonio’s in Cleveland, Ohio. And had them shipped by UPS to the studio in Los Angeles. No, he didn’t eat them all by himself; it’s reported he left as many as six slices for his team during the season finalé celebration. What, you thought maybe he was selfish or something?

And a final piece, a bit late arriving: A woman driving in Germany skidded on a snowy road and hit a tree near Freudenstadt. usually this would be Bad News, especially since the car was totaled. However, she walked away uninjured. She can thank German engineering and her birthday cake for saving her…

Cook (Chiles) Like Nobody’s Watching!

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