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Malaysian Cuisine I: Two Interesting Sauces

Modern Malaysia is a land of many contrasts. There are places of crushing poverty, and areas of rampant wealth and excess. Often these are separated by as little as a street or a fence. There are signs of the British occupation and rule, and many places where it appears the British never showed up. Christan and Muslim live in relative harmony in most areas in Malaysia.

I made several trips to Malaysia, mostly to the island of Penang, in the past decade. I found their food to be one of the great pleasures of touring in Asia.

Finding authentic Malaysian reicpes in the U.S. isn’t easy. So I made it a point to ask Malaysian locals about their dishes while I was there. I’ve attempted to recreate several of those dishes, and in the coming weeks I hope to post quite a few. For starters, here are two of my attempts, a couple of simple sauces:

They’re both quick and easy, and both pack a bounty of heat into a bit of sauce. I find the mango one to be hotter, but maybe that’s just because I’m not ready for my fruit to be that zesty. In any case,

Enjoy the Heat!

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