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“Bond. James Bond. Heated, not Scorched.”

Sean Sir Sean Connery has a dirty little secret. No, it’s not all those pictures in ladie’s clothing; those are called kilts. And no, he’s not ashamed of being placed on The List, even though everybody now has to call him “Sir” or risk the extreme displeasure of the Queen.

No, his secret isn’t anything quite so mundane. Turns out, he was a Mr. Universe contestant, where he came in third. No, wait; that’s not it either.

Well, okay, here it is (take a deep breath); he likes hot sauce. Yeah; I could barely contain my shock and dismay as well. The good news is, I found his favorite dipping sauce recipe. (I’d tell you where, but then I’d be on his Little List.)

Here it is:

Sean Connery Dipping Sauce

I tried a bowl of it. Easy to make, tasty, with a bit of body from the egg. Not that hot, though. If this is the hottest he can take, then he’s a wimp. (I don’t care that he’s got a reputation as a tough guy.)

Only I didn’t say so, you hear? Oh, and you didn’t get the recipe here, okay? Meanwhile, I think I’ll retire to some unknown monastery somewhere

Enjoy the Heat! (While Hiding)

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