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A Small Step to Saving the Planet…

These days, everybody’s working to save the planet. I also work to have good taste. Or at least food that tastes good. (See earlier post on the F-BOM.)

Well, you can’t say I’m not doing my part. Shoot, I even invented a chili verde that’s guaranteed to support the effort. I mean, it’s definitely green! That counts, right?

My friend Tom who runs the Trout Underground (a shameless knockoff of my Underground website concepts, even though he got started first; someday I’ll post about food and the theory of relativity) is a big fan of chile verde. He even claims to make a passable pot of the stew. I have only one comment:


He ain’t seen nothing yet. Here’s a version that will make his insipid soup taste like weak broth:

Save-the-Planet Chile Verde

Okay, it’s not a fast process, pulling ths great meal together. What’s your hurry? This ambrosia is worth the work AND the wait! (I know, I made it up. Trust me.) Saving the planet is a marathon race, not a sprint. Take your time making this stew and you’ll have plenty energy to go out and Make Progess on the Great Work.

Right after you take the obligatory rest-after-eating nap…

Enjoy the (Green) Heat!

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