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More Malaysian & Indonesian Dishes

As I’ve noted before, I have a love of Malaysian food. Maybe even an obsession. So this month I’ll make several posts about Malaysia and its wonderful food, from a Westerner point of view (of course).

I’ve managed to reformulate and write up some of my favorite Malaysian and Indonesian dishes. I have found some similar versions in cookbooks as well. The only warning is: These are Very Zesty Dishes! But once you get over the surprise of the heat, they are also flavorful. Complex and inviting. Here are a couple of sauces to add to the growing collection:

The peanut sauce is wonderful on grilled meats. I use it for satay of all kinds. The street vendors in Penang (one shown above) often have versions of this for you to use as dip when you buy some of their meat-on-a-stick.

Sambal Oelek is one of my favorite home condiments, but I often wimp out and use the stuff from a jar. That edition of sambal oelek is good for everyday use. The recipe above is a bit more special, with the fresh ingredients and extra-red heat. Try it with almost any dish! I use it with Pho Tai, for instance.

More from Malaysia soon! In the meantime,

Enjoy the (Asian) Heat!

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