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Malaysian Food: On the Go…

Penang Food Stall

Modern Malaysia is a country on-the-go. A nation of islands and peninsulas, Malays eat a lot of seafood. They are also officially Muslim, and that reflects in the types of food available. (It als means you have natural alarm clocks pretty much everywhere, when the muezzins call the faithful to first prayers.)

Folks on the go need food fast; so they eat fast food. Not the kind or dreck we often wolf down in a fit of hunger or depression, in-between meetings and sports practices. No, these folks have great food stalls, hawker plazas and roadside vendors to meet their quick-pick meal needs.

As tomorrow’s Friday, I’ve posted a fish dish that well suits the tropics: No cooking required! Umiah (also known as Hinava) is what we here in the great Republic of Texas would call ceviche.

The other recipe I’ve posted today is for barbeque chicken, as sold by street vendors in northern Malaysia: Penang, Ipoh, and other nearby towns. It has a distinctly Thai sense about it. Makes sense, since Thailand is just over the hill from there.

Here’s the goodies:

Try these, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Coming tomorrow: More Food Follies! Until then, I’ll see you around the ol’ street vendor stand…

Enjoy the (Malaysian Fast Food) Heat!

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