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Make Spicy Pickles and Save Money!

Jar Pickles

With food and gas prices rising and the economy tanking, many Americans are rediscovering techniques and dishes that are “frugal.” Unfortunately, this often means bland, or tasteless, or just plain ol’ disgusting.

In some cases, it also means a lot more work at home, just when people are putting in more hours, working or looking for work.

Enter the venerable, even classic, icebox pickle. They’ve got lots of wholesome goodness in the form of vegetables: cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, onions, peppers, chiles and more can go in.

The real advantage: You don’t need to boil and boil these to get great taste, and they are ready to eat in a few days. (the disadvantage: You can’t store them on the shelf of your pantry. You DO have a pantry, right?)

Here are some of the great pickles I’ve been munching on the past few weeks:

I like the versatility of these items. You can eat them with almost any meal, or as an appetizer. With minor adjustments you can make them sweeter, more sour, or a lot zestier. Your choice!

The Bobby Flay-inspired pickles are also something new I’m trying. So: The recipe shows a “draft watermark” on it. Please try these delectable bits yourself, then let me know what you think.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be famous someday for your insightful comments on this recipe! It could happen, I swear…

Enjoy the (Pickled) Heat!

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