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Hellfire and Brimstone on Burn’em Up Thursday: Jamaican Brown Fish Stew, Hellfire Chicken

Fish Stew

No, I’m not opening a branch of the Church of the Underground. However, I’m giving you plenty of advance warning: Today’s dishes are about as zesty-hot as they can get without being puréed Bhut Jolokias. Despite that, there’s more flavor here than you might assume.

I’ve gotten in the habit of posting fish & seafood dishes on Thursdays, so you will have time to get the fixins and make a nice Friday (or weekend) meal. After all, there are a large number of folks who still adhere to the “fish on Friday” rule. If this isn’t your philosophy, it’s still a good idea to eat more fish.

So here are today’s offerings:

Brown Fish Stew combines three important food groups: Fish, beer and chiles. After that, it doesn’t much matter what else you add. The fish can be most any firm white-fleshed fish. So why do they call it brown in Jamaica? Because of the beer!

There’s only one Habañero chile in the fish stew. That means it burns, but not for more than 24 hours. The chicken & shrimp dish is another matter entirely. It takes two whole Habañero or Red Savina chiles, and it’ll burn nicely for days. Eat it for dinner tonight and you won’t even have to cook your next several meals; just eat them raw and let them simmer inside!

If you don’t want shrimp in the second dish, replace with the same weight of chicken. It’s good either way…

Enjoy the (Searing) Heat!

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