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More Friday Follies VI: McDonald’s In the News

McDonald's, You Think?

A company as big as McDonald’s must have some truly interesting ideas, and some Really Bad Days. They also have their rabid supporters, and their uncompromising detractors. They’ve even gotten so big they can afford to pay millions over one cup of spilled coffee.

Recently, I’d say the publicity has been going oddly. Not all bad, although as we’ll see, there’s a Very Serious Matter over flowerpots, er, headgear. Most of the press has been benign to favorable, overall.

For some reason, quite a number of the reports struck me funny.

For example: Proof that New Englanders really know how to party. Monica Polanco at the Hartford Courant reports (story and video) about a Mickey D’s where there’s more than fast food. There’s also fast happy feet! And senior citizens who are getting together for all sorts of frivolity. (Well, not all sorts; they don’t allow fisticuffs, I believe.)

Then there’s the video about how to have brunch at McDonald’s. (WARNING: This one is not for kiddies! On accounta da language.) I know, you’ve got a family who doesn’t want breakfast when they go out on Saturday mornings. They want a swank combo of breakfast AND lunch items. But: McDonald’s doesn’t overlap their breakfast times with their lunch offerings! (Sonic and Whataburger do; hint, hint.) So you don’t go to the Fallen, er, Golden Arches with the whole gang in tow. Well, that video that will teach you exactly how to have brunch at McDonald’s.

For all you nostalgic folks, longing for the good ol’ McDonald’s days, when they were in the low billions served and their jingles made sense, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And McDonald’s management has actually seen said light! They held nation-wide casting calls for folks to re-mix the “two all beef patties” song that we all fell in like with, way back when. Hurry, get over to the site and vote for your favorite! Voting closes on July 20.

A bit of good news for Ronald: Apparently his coffee strategy is hurting Starbucks. (They’re closing 600 stores; maybe it’s the economy, maybe not.)

And finally, there’s the Bad News. McDonald’s is being sued over one of their American Idol series Happy Meal toys. By Devo. Over those red flowerpots they wore as part of their stage persona. Seems New Wave Nigel (released back in April) is wearing the chapeau, and McDonald’s didn’t offer Devo a massive cut even talk with Devo about their trademark (and trademarked) symbol. Can you believe that? How Rude! And of course, regarding the impending court battle; well, that’s a Dome Shame

Enjoy the (Chuckling) Heat!

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