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Creamy Jalapeño Cornbread With Dinner Tonight


Jalapeño Chiles: They’re not just for breakfast anymore! Nor are they reserved for salsas or entrées. The versatile jalapeño can be used in cooking too.

A classic bread for serving with barbeque, or roast beef, or even chili or soup on a cold afternoon, is this one:

This version of cornbread is different than any you may have tried in the past. Besides the addition of the relatively mild jalapeño chile, it also uses creamed corn for texture and richness. Any Texas cook knows it’s all too easy to make cornbread from scratch that is a tad too dry. The mixes you can buy in the grocery are even more prone to being desert-dusty-dry.

This example doesn’t have that problem. However, don’t count on this side dish when you’re counting calories! Just close your eyes and

Enjoy the (Mildly Zesty Creamy) Heat!

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