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Chutneys Add Flavor to Whatever You’re Eating


India is the spice basket of the world, and they invented chutneys. (Hindi: chatni.) Needless to say, these delectable relishes can add flavor to almost any entrée you can imagine. From completely savory to sweet, chutneys almost always have a tongue-pleasing tingle. When they’re not downright hot, of course. They’re served with almost every meal in India.

Here’s a couple of chutneys I found in Chile Pepper Magazine. I adjusted the recipes to fit my tastes; I invite you to try them out and adjust to suit your tastebuds:

When I say “hot apple” I mean hot. Not quite incendiary, this condiment should be used sparingly or you’ll get a full endorphin overload. (Or maybe that’s what you’re after?) Apples and fresh Thai chiles combine to make a sweet-hot jazz on your tongue; you’ll want more!

Mint and onion are surprisingly complementary, and you should consider using this pairing in other dishes as well. This chutney has chunky red onion with lots of spices and citrus flavors. Pasilla chiles add the zest. The mix isn’t as hot as the apple version above.

Enjoy the Heat!

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