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Saturday Salmagundi


What’s a Salmagundi, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked; and I’ll tell you:

I don’t know, exactly.

It’s a great word, though, you have to admit. Actually, a quick search finds the answer: It’s a salad dish from England’s 17th century. It had some of this, a bit of that, and whatever you could find to put in.

Nowadays, common usage is to mean a collection of assorted things. (Actually, the original French word meant exactly that!) It’s also the label given to a Jamaican paste made from mashed, pickled herring, peppers and onions; a Solomon Gundy.

I prefer the collection thingie. So I put together a collection of some great (chile-containing) recipes for you to try out:

I hope to bring a recipe salmagundi here, every so often…

Enjoy the (Motley) Heat!

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