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Smoke and Fire: A Special Salsa


(Just one quick post and then we’ll be back to Iyer’s “660 Curries.” This post is in honor of my research team at Texas Lutheran University; it’s been a great summer!)

I’ve had salsas of all kinds over the years, growing up in Texas. I always enjoy the roasted ones the best. Some people don’t try to make roasted salsa, thinking it takes too much work.

They don’t know what they’re missing. And it’s not hard. Really…

If you have a gas or charcoal grill, you’re almost there, in fact. Go to the store and get the following: Some dried chipotle chiles; jalapeƱo or Serrano chiles, tomatillos, a bell pepper (I prefer red or yellow, but any type works), ripe tomatoes, an onion or two, some garlic, and a bunch of cilantro. Then fire up the grill.

Here’s the details on how to make a great smoky-flavored roasted salsa:

The dried chipotles are a key ingredient, adding some zest but more smoky aroma and complexity. Be sure to soak them well, and cut the hard stem-ends off before you put them in the blender.

You can adjust quantities as you please, giving a wide variety of salsas. Consider adding mint to add even more spicy goodness. Consider adding bits of mango or pineapple after blending, if you want a some sweet fruitiness.

Check this salsa out, and

Enjoy the (Smoky) Heat!

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