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India Tour Begins This Week

[Click on Map for Larger Picture]

The Chile Underground’s Monsoon Express Traveling Road Show is about to hit the road! The grand expedition begins on Wednesday next, depending.

Depending on whether Gustav interferes with our transfer in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, to be exact. Some of the weather models indicate a strong possibility […]

More Friday Follies XII: Food for Potty Mouths

[Photo: White Carrot]

I’ll keep this one Short and, uhhh, well; Sweet isn’t exactly right…

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s a soup bowl. With side dishes. In a restaurant.

Said restaurant is to remain anonymous, I hope…

Enjoy the (Flush Your Face) Heat!

Technorati : follies, food blogs, unusual […]

If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Fish

Here are some recent fish and seafood recipes from food blogs I visit (fairly) regularly; a couple are even spicy:

Salmon in a Halo (Heavenly!)
Tuna Tartare (For Those Who Hate To Cook Anything)
Crazy Cajun Garlic Jambalaya (With Extra Garlic)
Sauce for Baked Fish (From Tigers & Strawberries, F-BOM 08/08)
Flied Lice With Schlimp (And an Accent)

Enjoy […]

Recipe Testing Update

With all the Hatch chiles available, I just had to try them with some of the recent recipes I’ve posted. You know, just checking to see that they still work as advertised…

I made Pepper Jelly over the weekend, and it turned out great. I made six jars of red, and six jars of green. Christmas […]

Curry and Cheddar: A Great Snack Pairing

Indian food usually makes use of paneer, their “national cheese.” However, you may have difficulty finding paneer where you are.

Never fear! It turns out, curry and cheddar make a great pairing. Check this recipe out:

Curry Cheddar Bits

I make these for big parties, and I try lots of different curry-mayo variations. I haven’t found one yet […]

Hot Pepper Jelly the Easy Way

Late summer is a great time to be a chilehead. All kinds of chiles are available at farmer’s markets and groceries. And if you garden (I do), then you may be overrun with zesty goodness; many modern varieties of chile plants are super-producers.

What to do with all the chile goodness? Make your own jams and […]

Restaurant Review: Gumbo's Louisiana Style Café

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

Unfortunately, this eatery is now closed.

My spouse’s best friend celebrates her birthday only a few days before my spouse celebrates hers. Actually, they celebrate these anniversaries whenever they feel like it, and sometimes they take a Mulligan if the first try wasn’t celebration enough.

Whatever the excuse, we […]

Hatch Chiles Are in Season!

This week and next, here in Austin and at other locations around the Lone Star State, our Central Market stores will be holding their annual salute to that long, green (and sometimes red) delicacy, the Hatch chile: The Hatch Chile Festival.

The Texas version of this celebration is quite an extravaganza. From demonstrations of recipes to […]