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Hot Bytes for 2008-08-08

New Follies Post on Chile Underground (Thanks, Trout Underground!) http://tinyurl.com/6onppv #
A Chile Underground Exclusive on Important New Food Group: http://tinyurl.com/6cyb26 (Ha! Take THAT, TC.) #

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Follies Extra: Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Stop the Presses! Hold the Phone!! Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels!!!

(Wait a minute; that last one is decidedly odd-cliché-out, maybe. Oh well, I got a blog to publish here; run with it!)

Write this day down on your calendar, as it represents an Exclusive Find by the Chile Underground. A new food group has been invented, […]

More Friday Follies IX: The Wake n’ Bacon Alarm Clock and Legal Weed

It’s not about chiles, but arguably it’s about food. The latest evidence that mankind is indeed evolving to greatness is here! Meet the Wake n’ Bacon Alarm Clock, coming to a bedroom near you soon. Imagine: You’re lying there, dreaming about flying on the wing of a biplane, or giving that big sales presentation while […]