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I’m Not Here Right Now; But If I Were, I’d be Eating…

Texas Lutheran

I just went back to school.

Not to get a degree; I got more of those than I need. And my teaching is over (at least for now).

This time, it was to launch daughterperson on her college career.

It only seems like yesterday she was eating her birthday cake. Her first birthday, I mean. And now she’s headed out on her own, to be a physics major. (Like so many parents, we have to ask: Where did we go wrong?)

Yesterday was move-in; she’s going to be settling in for a couple of days, and then classes start.

The clan all got together to help, and then we just HAD to console ourselves with lunch. Comfort food, you know.

Mexican. Something spicy.

I had the Whole Enchilada. That’s Tex-Mex for a big combo plate: guacamole salad, taco, enchiladas, rice, beans, jalapeños on pretty much everything. And a big bowl of queso to wash it all down with. And a margarita or two (or six) to wash all THAT down.

My wife really needed a lot of consoling, and I was just followed along, being polite. Honestly…

Enjoy the (Tex-Mex) Heat!

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