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Recipe Testing Update


With all the Hatch chiles available, I just had to try them with some of the recent recipes I’ve posted. You know, just checking to see that they still work as advertised…

I made Pepper Jelly over the weekend, and it turned out great. I made six jars of red, and six jars of green. Christmas in August! I used hot Hatch chiles for the green, of course, and I roasted them to give a richer flavor than using fresh peppers produces. I plan to freeze some roasted Hatch peppers this weekend, so I can have more for later; this stuff makes a great gift.

Today I made a fresh pot of Blondie’s Green Chili, a version of chile verde. I toned it down a bit by using a mix of hot and mild Hatch chiles (because that’s what I had), then kicked it back up with some roasted fresh jalapeƱos. A nice version! I served it with jasmine rice and naan bread. That’s right; Indian bread with chile verde!

Next time I think I’ll add some chipotle…

Enjoy the (Hatch Chile) Heat!

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