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India Tour Begins This Week


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The Chile Underground’s Monsoon Express Traveling Road Show is about to hit the road! The grand expedition begins on Wednesday next, depending.

Depending on whether Gustav interferes with our transfer in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, to be exact. Some of the weather models indicate a strong possibility that the remnants of Gustav will be centered over the very runway we need, at the very time we need it, dumping copious quantities of liquid sunshine all over our parade.

It doesn’t matter. I’m going, even if I have to walk. Or swim. (Backstroke!)

I intend to have a grand time, teaching and touring. I plan to eat all sorts of local foods, sampling the cuisines of Bangaluru (Karnataka food), Hyderabad (Andhra dishes) and Delhi (Uttar Pradeshi and Haryánan, among other northern Indian delights).

I can hardly wait to taste the biryanis and vindaloos, bisi bele bhaat, romaali roti, kebabs and lassis. Chutney and daal, paneer and raita; it’s all good. Shoot, I might even decide I like vegetables! Maybe.

I hope to post at least once a day during the trip, except for those long periods of travel (two days out, two days back; yikes!). Of course I’ll try to get recipes for everything! I might even be persuaded to share…

Enjoy the (Travel Excitement) Heat!

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