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More Friday Follies XI: The Post-Birthday Edition

You want to make good nutrition choices for you and your family. It’s hard, though, with busy lives and the information bombardment we suffer each day. Especially tough to train kids to eat right in the few minutes contact you get with them each day.

Well, fear not! The Chile Undergound Video Game Nutritional Content Research […]

The Devil Made Me Fix It…

Today is my darling brides’ birthday. (I’d tell you how old, but then we’d need a new blog writer for the Underground.) I’ll keep this short; we’ve got places to go and parties to crash!

Here’s a seafood dish for tomorrow, if you’re of the persuasion:

Spicy Shrimp With Red Devil Sauce

At first, the preparation may appear […]

Hellishly Good Hot Dogs

Enough with the fancy food already! Let’s talk hot dogs, that versatile (and some could argue, singularly American) toob steak we all love…

Oh yes, we do take our dogs seriously. Where else can you find competitive eating events like Nathan’s on Fourth of July? (We’re big-hearted about this, though; we even let Japanese competitors try.) […]

Hot Bytes for 2008-08-19

Julia Child Spy Scandal: http://tinyurl.com/54u2wd. #

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Brew Blues: Guinness in Brew-haha With Grain Growers

Brewed adult beverages pair nicely with zesty-hot foods. What better than an ale, porter or beer to soothe the tongue and palate before digging in again?

One of my favorites is Guinness porter. It’s also one of the oldest commercial brews available; next year they celebrate their 250th year at the St. James Gate Brewery in […]

Nashville Paleta Queens Kick Bobby Flay in the Popsicle

As a kid growing up in Texas, we lived on home-make Popsicles. We had no air conditioning, but we did have a freezer and Kool-Aid. (Or at least some knockoff of that sweet beverage.)

Four kids and 100 degree days; we ate those frozen treats like Kirstie Allie stoking up for a stint as a one-woman […]

I’m Not Here Right Now; But If I Were, I’d be Eating…

I just went back to school.

Not to get a degree; I got more of those than I need. And my teaching is over (at least for now).

This time, it was to launch daughterperson on her college career.

It only seems like yesterday she was eating her birthday cake. Her first birthday, I mean. And now she’s […]

Saturday Salmagundi for August 16, 2008

If you wanted to collect bobblehead dolls of all the top chefs, you’d need a list first. Forbes has recently released the list of the top-earning celebrity chefs, based on their annual earnings. And the winners are: (kitchen-pan roll, please)

10. Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations, Kitchen Confidential) $1.5 million

9. Bobbly Flay (Throwdown, several restaurants) $1.5 million

8. […]