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Food BOM for September: The Amateur Gourmet

Yes, it’s that time again! Time for the Food BOM to explode in a browser near you!

(in fact, it’s past time, officially, as it’s October here in India; but thanks to Einstein’s Relativity I can just make it under the wire in the USA!)

Okay, I know; thousands of you are wondering, why the name change? […]

A Visit to Old-Town Hyderabad, Part I

Saturday was shopping day. A friend offered to chaperone me into the Old Town section of Hyderabad and show me the sights. He dropped by my hotel about noon with his driver in tow, and we were off.

I had heard many things about the great Hyderabadi monument, Charminar. I asked if we could see that, […]

Australia Invades India! Hotel Overrun!

I arrived back at my hotel after a grueling day at my client’s site, hoping for a light snack, a quiet bit of reading and early to bed .

I suspected I wouldn’t get my wishes when we tried to pull into the driveway. There were khaki-clad AP State Police everywhere. Our car was minutely scrutinized, […]

Turnabout’s Fair: German Food in India?

I recently mentioned that I had eaten a nice curry dish while flying to India on Lufthansa, the German airline. Well, it seems turnabout’s fair play. Last evening I enjoyed an authentic German meal here in Hyderabad, with a hint of Oktoberfest provided, and in the company of a truly international cast of characters.

It was […]

Your Opinion Matters! New CU Polls

New polls are up on the Chile Underground!

Although it’s political high season in the U.S. of A, our new polls aren’t from the Chile Underground’s Department of Equitable Estimations of Political Shenanigans & Excesses (DEEPSEx). No, these are Much More Important Polls than that!

We gathered the teams from the Underground’s Savory Styles in […]

Friday Follies: Fun Sightings in Hyderabad

Breakfast this morning included Puri Bhaji, and it was spicy enough to make my nose run. Just like some of the chili and enchiladas I enjoy at home. (And no, I’m not homesick; thanks for asking.) The flavor was excellent, of course, and somehow it put me in a writing mood…

Before setting out on my […]

Chicken Sistouk and Cheese Poppers at the Taj Club

I got home a bit early last evening, just after dusk and right as the Ramzan celebrations were starting. Most evenings, work keeps me from sampling the Happy Hour grazings at the Taj Club upstairs, although I often stop in and visit with the butler, Saravana, and have a Kingfisher beer. Or two.

I was still […]

Friday Follies: Big Food

You can learn some interesting things while traveling. On this trip to India I’ve seen many wonders. The Internet provides its usual glut of completely senseless trivia complement of knowledge and entertainment, however.

Take this report from Reuters India, for instance.

Say you’re on an insane quest personal mission to find the world’s largest hamburger or beer […]