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Thai Curry at Angels 350

Red Curry

The Chile Underground’s Grand India Tour and Month-Long Snarf-Fest Curry Expedition got off to a prosaic, even mudane start, with a short hop from Austin to Dallas. With winds from the north at both airports (Thank You Gustav!), the pilot barely had to maneuver at all; up and down, 31 minutes and done. Shoot, I think even I could have piloted that route.

But they wouldn’t let me in the cockpit. They wouldn’t even let me watch from the jump seat. No matter how hard I tried to convince them I was harmless a credentialed food critic and cook. (The TSA chose not to put me on their no-fly list, but it was a close thing.) So I did the next-best thing, I sulked in watched from the first row of first class. I was really in a hurry to get there!

American Flight 70 to Frankfurt was mostly full. Hearing the informational announcements in German led me to believe we might have some great German grub for dinner; maybe Rindsroulade or Jägerschnitzel, with Black Forest Cake for dessert.

We leveled off at 35,000 feet and dinner service began. Imagine my surprise when the menu showed a Thai Red Curry choice! I jumped on that like a rooster on a Junie-bug. It was good, much better than the usual airline fare. An auspicious start to the trip, I felt. Okay, this version was a lot milder than red curries I make, but it had all the right flavors: Sweet basil, coconut, veggies, and of course, a bit of chiles.

This dinner was so good I celebrated with a dessert of fruit and port, then took a long nap. When the cabin crew woke me to serve breakfast, reality returned in the form of the (classic?) airline omelette breakfast. But why ruin a good story? I ate a bit and then we were on our way into Frankfurt…

Enjoy the (Thai Red Curry) Heat!

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2 comments to Thai Curry at Angels 350

  • If you’re getting more than a bag of peanuts, then you’re flights too long. That’s my rule of thumb.

  • Peanuts? I don’t ride in the cheap seats, big fella. Besides, I hear it took you longer to get home on you last trip across the country than it took me to travel (in comfort and POSH style) to India…

    (Running for bomb shelter…)