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Friday Follies: In the Moooo’d for Cows

Cow in Traffic

Dateline: Bengaluru, India

No, it’s not an optical illusion. That really IS a cow strolling down the median of the Ring Road in Bengaluru. An everyday occurrence, actually.

Cows are the only thing on the road that has absolute right-of-way in India. And somehow they know it.

Clara here doesn’t qualify as fast food, although she’s hoofin’ right along. She knows the rules well, as shortly after this snap was taken she turned left a bit and headed out across several lanes of traffic. Cars, taxis and trucks simply adjusted their paths slightly; the cow forged on and traffic didn’t seem to be inconvenienced in any way.

If this were America, traffic would be completely stopped. And likely Bossy would be road-kill hamburger.

Dateline: Tokyo, Japan

There she stands in her tattered fishnet stockings (and nothing else) loitering all day long on a street corner outside of a bank, showing off her chunky physique for all to see.

What a cow.

Yes, cows in stockings, working the streets of Tokyo. Okay, they’re art objects in this case, not real cows. They’re part of the Marunouchi Festival. They’ve been so for three years now. And this year there are 73 of them.

The art pieces have catchy names like “Catcher in the Rice” and “Milk Bath.” They’re all humorous, and in some cases, risqué. (I guess you have to be Japanese to see that.)

Where’s Chick-fil-a when you need them?

Dateline: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Don Gorsen figures he’s had over 23,000 Big Macs since he developed an obsession for the classic sandwich in 1972.

He suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, you see. He fights back with two Big Macs a day. He’s missed only eight days in 36 years. (You do the math.)

To prevent any Super Size Me backlash, he’s cut back on the fries. He only has them once a month these days. And no messy ketchup or drinks.

How does he prevent missing his Daily Double Dose? He now keeps several in his freezer, for emergencies.

That’s what I call thinking out of the box

Enjoy the (Bovine) Heat!

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