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Working Hard for You: Buffet Grazing in Hyderabad

Stacked Plates

There are so many good things to eat in India that I’m glad my hotel serves several buffets each day. It doesn’t matter to me that they feel obliged to serve Western and Far Eastern style dishes to accommodate the range of their visitors. I wave hi as I go by the maitre d’hotel (who doesn’t even bother me for my room number any more), grab a plate or two and head right over to the Indian food spread.

Here are some of the delectable choices I’ve sampled extensively:

And this is just for starters! I’ve also had barbeque out on the deck: lamb, chicken and more. And then there’s Haleem in the evenings. I don’t think I can take too many more months of this kind of mistreatment…

Enjoy the (Mounds of Curry) Heat!

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