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Friday Follies: Big Food

Big BeerYou can learn some interesting things while traveling. On this trip to India I’ve seen many wonders. The Internet provides its usual glut of completely senseless trivia complement of knowledge and entertainment, however.

Take this report from Reuters India, for instance.

Say you’re on an insane quest personal mission to find the world’s largest hamburger or beer serving. Okay, I’m with you on that; everybody should have fulfilling (and filling!) individual goals. Who am I to cast aspersions, given my penchant for seeking out a great bowl of pho or a distinctive biryani.

But when “World’s Greatest” means that even the Hulk couldn’t tuck it in, then you’re onto something different.

It’s entirely possible the largest lobster is in New Brunswick, Canada. And I would concede the largest beer (part of the world’s largest six-pack) is at Heileman’s Brewery in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

But largest burger at Denny’s? And in a place like Pennsylvania, which isn’t particularly known for its beef? Okay, it’s not your usual Denny’s; it’s Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub. Be sure to call ahead (maybe a day early!) to get your very own 123 lb. burger.

Or you can order a dozen of their snack burgers, which are only six pounds each. That’s weight, not Sterling

Enjoy the (Really Big) Heat!

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