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A Visit to Old-Town Hyderabad, Part II

Arch to Charminar

On the way to Charminar we passed through some arches, as shown above. These are the same age as the monument itself, and used to denote the beginning of the open space around the memorial. Now that space is filled (and I do mean filled ) with the sights, sounds, aromas and crowds of the bazaar.

Pineapple Cart

Roadside Pineapple Stand. Fruit Trimmed and Peeled While You Wait…

Snack Cart

Cart of Sugar Wafer Snacks Headed to Old Town Bazaar, Hyderabad

The food looked great, with fresh fruits abounding and stacks of snacks pretty much everywhere. Of course, this is Ramzan season, so nobody’s eating much during daylight. But a tourist like me, we’re exempt! Then I remembered my doctor’s warning, and I declined. I was sorely tempted…

Toys for Sale

Toys for Sale, Old Town Bazaar, Hyderabad

Family on Bike

Family on Motorbike Headed Into Old Town Bazaar, Hyderabad

Sales Items on Bicycle

It’s truly amazing how much stuff they get into the bazaar. And the way they get it all in there is interesting too!

Motorbikes or bicycles are used for sacks and boxes. Carts, pushed by one or two people, carry many other items like clothes and toys, food and shoes, perfumes and jewelry. Some carts are pulled by cows or even camels.

One or two vans or small trucks are used as well, but these are not easy to maneuver through the crowds.

And lots of items are carried by people, on their backs or on their heads. It’s amazing to watch a massive pile of cloth goods floating above the crowd, swaying slightly as the woman underneath maneuvers her way through the press of humanity. All without any slips, and not holding on by hand. An amazing demonstration of strength and balance.

The Arches of Charminar

The Arches of Charminar

After about an hour (and less than half a kilometer of travel) we reached the base of Charminar. This building is about 66 feet on a side, with massive arches in all four walls. It’s not a structure for living in!


Architectural Detail, Charminar

There are four great towers, or Minars (minarettes are Much Smaller) on the corners. A small mosque, now unused, is on the roof. This mosque was used by the rulers of Hyderabad in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Charminar Tower

One of the Grand Minars of Charminar

The towers are open to the public, but the steps (about 149 in each tower) are way too small for today’s “normal” sized humans. Too narrow, no headroom, too steep. Only children really try them these days. They were clearly designed for another century’s inhabitants!

All this sightseeing and shopping made me hungry and thirsty, and my host decided we should retire from the field and seek out sustenance. Fine by me! We traveled to his home in the north of Secunderbad, where we had snacks, coffee and conversation into the night. I have pictures, but I value my host’s privacy; you won’t see them here, sorry!

I will certainly miss this place when I return home in a few days. Although I’m not in a hurry to delve back into the crowds near Charminar soon!

Enjoy the (Crowded Bazaar) Heat!

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