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Friday Follies: Pumpkins Absolutely Smashing This Time of Year

Pumpkin Trebuchet

Saturday near Snohomish, Washington, the air will be filled with the screams of flying pumpkins. (That’s because pumpkins aren’t really designed to fly well; nor do they land smoothly.)

That’s rights, kiddies, it’s time once again for the world-famous Pumpkin Hurl. Seven teams, from the US and Canada, will compete for massive prizes (and much more, maybe). Huge crowds of squashed-squash groupies are expected, and the weather should be ideal for testing gourd aerodynamics, since it is rumored that they fly better in cool, damp air. (Yes, it is so rumored. By me.)

One team that won’t be present is from Newton, New Jersey. (Newton; didn’t he have something to do with falling fruits and veggies?) A group of teens from Halsted Middle School wanted to see if they could use physics they learned in the classroom to make a trebuchet that could toss a 15-lb (that’s 6.818 kilograms for you metric purists) orangeish orb across a farmer’s field. It works, but isn’t in the class of the monsters present at the Pumpkin Hurl.

Of course, pumpkin pie will be served Sunday at the Pumpkin-Hurlers’ Auxilliary Fundraiser Lunch. All you can eat, of course. (And take some home, please.)

There will also be pumpkin-tossing in Hobart, OK and Bengtson, IL, among other places. So get out there and scream!

Enjoy the (Screaming Vegetable) Heat!

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