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It’s a Bacon Celebration

Bacon and Eggs

A recent post on another Underground (which shall remain nameless) has referred to a bacon-wrapped hotdog (in a maple bar, no less) as Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse. Which got me to thinking; if this is the end of the world (and who says it isn’t?), then maybe we should celebrate the ever-popular, always tasty, in-almost-all-foods, savior-of-Southern-Civilization (as we know it) bacon?

No, far from a sign of impending doom, the humble bacon is a major contributor to human advancement and culture. And to prove that, I bring you the following celebration of the flitch, the collop and streaky rasher, gammon and fatback and lardon

Baby Bacon

Because we al know about bacon’s utility at breakfast, I won’t say much more about it here. However, many folks only consider bacon for breakfast, and they’re losing out on a whole lot of tasty comestibles! Here are some items that’ll drive you hog-wild…

Appetizers and Snacks

The Food Network has recently revamped its website, and on it are a number of easy, bacon-tasty recipes. For instance, you might try out the Bacon-Wrapped Breadsticks at your next football cramfest. Or if you prefer hoity-toity (meaning: invented in another country, like the UK) baked snacks, try this one. If bacon alone doesn’t provide enough artery-stressing goodness, go for the bacon-cheese double.

And of course, this being a chile site and all, how about the always-popular bacon-wrapped jalapeño? Or jalapeño bacon cheddar dip? And you thought I’d forgotten about chiles…

Frying Bacon

Bacon for Lunch

As your day moves along you might get a craving for bacon about lunchtime. You have a lot more options than just a bacon cheeseburger! Check out this ultra-modern version of the classic BLT instead. Or grill up some Chicken-Bacon Kabobs if you’re near a fire (and what Real Man isn’t). If you’ve just got to have your daily peameal, here’s a minimalist sandwich approach that’ll make you pig out.

Entrees and Casseroles

Bacon for dinner, you ask? Why, certainly! Whether you want it for a meal, or just a quick bite while you run between activities, bacon can certainly feed the need.

Suppose bacon alone doesn’t do it for you; you need ham too. Here’s a dish that will combine both perfectly for you, and tosses in some grits and cheese to make sure it’ll satisfy down to your little piggies. Or maybe you’re a traditionalist; Fettucine Carbonara is your answer.


Desserts and Beyond

Okay, so here’s where it gets a little wierd, even for a confirmed baconatorophile. Yes, bacon’s on the menu for dessert too. I recently reported on chocolate-covered bacon, but that’s not just for dessert, that’s for anytime you need to fight off depression while priming for angioplasty.

If you gotta have a sweet with bacon, try bacon cinnamon rolls. Or how ’bout a ganache with crème fraiche and crispy bacon? Or consider Greek style dessert with Bacon Baklava. Or maybe you prefer cake?

Maybe you don’t like stuff with dough for dessert. Say you want something cold and creamy. Well, have I got a dish that’ll make you pork out! Several in fact. Check out Pecan-Brown Sugar & Bacon Ice Cream, for starters (and enders). Or Candied Bacon Ice Cream? Or go for a whole trio of tasty bacon ice creams, with peanut butter, Nutella and maple syrup. Want something lighter? How ’bout Dark Chocolate Bacon Crunch Sorbet? (Don’t look at the pics!)

Too full to have a complete dessert? Worried about your girlish figure by now? (Too late.) Well, then we’ve got just the after-dinner mint for you.

We sincerely hope you won’t think of bacon in quite the same way now. Since you can now have bacon with every meal, I’m sure you’ll be as happy as a pig in mud. But don’t hog all the fun! Share with your friends too. Then you’ll all be in Hog Heaven, where pigs really do have wings…

Enjoy the (Smoky Salty Crunchy) Heat!

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