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Chile Underground Turns Two Hundred


The Chile Underground, your favorite food blog (that talks about chiles and travel, I mean), turns 200 today. Posts, that is. And there’s no end in sight!

In a little over a year we’ve brought you recipes and news, Follies and frivolity, and travel (and eating!) reports from all over the world: Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Australia and India, just to name a few locales.

Sydney Opera HouseWe’ve had a lot of fun along the way. We’ve seen Singapore during the Moon Cake Festival, and Sydney during the anniversary of their Harbour Bridge. It was Lunar New Year in China, and Gandhi’s Birthday in India.

Recipes were shared from all sorts of cuisines: Asian (Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese), Indian, Americas (Mexican, Tex-Mex, Caribbean, North American), Africa, Europe and more. With most having some sort of chile in them; my favorite power additive! And more will come, you can rest assured on that.

In the coming months changes to the site’s layout will be completed, and we’ll be more fun and informative than you can imagine.

Even with the economic meltdown in progress we expect to bring lots of news, travel insights and tasty fixin’s to the site in the next year. So don’t go away, we’ve only just begun

Enjoy the (Non-Stop) Heat!

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