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Oh So Wrong: Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods?

Joy of Cooking

The Detroit Free Press has just reported on something new you can foist off on your friends and family serve to your loved ones: The Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods!

You read that right. Frozen food you don’t have to cook, so you can experience the Joy of Cooking without even cracking open the book. Amazing!

The Free Press tried a couple of the dishes, and here’s their findings:

We tasted the Lo Mein and Elegant Scalloped Potatoes. The potatoes were nothing special. The downer is the time it takes to make them (65 minutes) and it’s not clear that you should toast the panko bread crumbs in a skillet before sprinkling them on top. A disappointment was the Vegetable Lo Mein family-size; it’s hardly a family size. A serving is listed as 1 cup — we measured 3 1/4 cups total.

Seems there’s little real joy here. No word on the quality or quantity of the other items.

And so, folks, you now can relish (Get it? I crack me up) the Joy of Cooking without cooking! What will those clever folks at our secret government agencies think of next? Virtual pets? Synthetic telepathy? Holographic humanoid partners? The possibilities are endess, now that the Joy of Cooking has been redifined…

Enjoy the (No-Cook) Heat!

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