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Chicken Soup Weather


When the weather cools down I get out my soup recipes. And my stews and chilis too, but I always like to start with something simple, not too hearty (it’s only in the 70’s after all, not that cool yet!), and with “adjustable zing.”

Thai-style chicken soup is just the thing, I think.

Of course there are the multitude of Tom Yum Goong recipes out there. That’s one of the most recognizable Thai soup recipes there is! Instead, I’ve chosen a couple of simpler, and less well known, recipes to start my week off with:

Either one of these are enough to tide most folks over for a week. I like soup a lot, though, so I got enough boneless, skinless chicken breasts to make meat for both soups. I can cook all the meat at once and save some work! The broth from cooking the chicken can be used in the soups too, if you build it properly to begin with.

These two soups can be made very mild, slightly tingly, or as zesty as you like. I think the first soup doesn’t need a lot of chile heat, as the ginger and the sambal add a nice foundation. But by all means, add as much or as little chile zest as you like! I often boost the second one when I serve it, adding a few more rings of sliced chiles at the table. That way the basic soup isn’t too spicy for my spouse.

Enjoy the (Thai Chicken) Heat!


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