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Tailgatin’ on a Tuesday

Tailgate Food

Finally the weather’s cold enough to think about football. If you’re a true football fan, you’re required you know how to prepare tailgating fare for you and all the lazy camp followers friends and family who come with you to the game to drink your beer and eat you out of house and home cheer on your team.

High school, college or pros, there’s always room for tailgating!

The rules you need to know are the following:

  • Without food it’s not a tailgate, it’s a parking space.
  • There’s gotta be lots of meat. Salad is not a requirement, or even an option.
  • It’s okay to run out of food, but never out of beer. (High school excepted)

In fact, while we’re on the subject, a refresher on the rules of beer for football:

  • More beer is better than less beer.
  • Early beer is better than late beer.
  • Cheaper beer is better than more expensive beer.
  • Never, ever, run out of beer.

Oh, and Real Men never drink light beer at a tailgate. Never.

Grilling Chicken

Preparing tailgate cuisine is an art form all its own. You have to be able to make stuff well in advance, getting them to the stage where they’re ready to grill. It has to involve a grill, of course, and at least one course has to be served on a stick. And a True Tailgate Taste Tournament (yes, it’s competitive, if Real Men are involved) probably has at least one dish served with tortillas. And because the weather will likely be cold, you need dishes that provide extra heat.

Here’s a recipe that will certainly work with those rules:

You don’t need all the Habañero chiles if you don’t want that much zing. Personally, I like to use Serranos, where I can adjust the zest up or down more readily. This recipe will scale up nicely to feed the funny farm family crew joining you for your Grand Football (Foodball?) Event…

Enjoy the (Habañero) Heat!


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