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Thursday Fish: Ancho Chile Fish with Corn and Cream


Most times, I prefer simple recipes over complex. Less to go wrong, and if the ingredients are fresh there will be plenty of flavor. Sometimes, though, I like to pretend I’m a chef and try something a little bit showy or involved.

This recipe is more on the show side:

That’s not to say it’s hard to make. You can prepare the corn salsa in advance and refrigerate it. The fish marinade is dirt simple, actually. Just don’t marinate the fish in the chill box! And for sure don’t go for longer than an hour, although the lime and chile will protect against most food baddies for a long time. You just don’t want the fish to “over-cook” in the citrus!

Grilling fish, as always, is the work of only a few moments. So don’t leave your fish on the grill to go do something else, like make the cream sauce! The cream sauce will seem a bit unusual at first, but the cream, butter, chile, ginger and citrus flavors work together quite well. Just don’t scorch the sauce near the end! Watch your range heat carefully while making the sauce.

I suggest making the cream sauce while the grill is heating, and then letting it stand on a warmer plate that’s not too hot; or cover and push to the back of the range, and heat it for just a moment or two as you plate the fish.

An easier answer is invite a couple of friends over and assign one of them to grill the fish while you make the sauce. (Yeah, I’m like that.) Usually they won’t mind a few mintues slaving over a hot grill if you’re feeding them. Most Real Men don’t mind using fire and sticks to cook, in any case…

Enjoy the (Smoky Chile) Heat!


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