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Friday Follies: Cold, Hot and Chilling


Haloween’s here, so it’s time for a quick survey of food-related stories that will make your blood run cold. At least the first one will…

Bradenton, Florida

A man was arrested attempting to steal shrimp from a supermarket. Joseph Young, age 32, was observed “with bulging pants” by detective Robert Stevenson who was shopping at a Sweebay in Tampa. When accosted, Joseph attempted to flee with his booty of frozen shrimp, he sort of, well, froze up, I guess. The very idea might leave you numb in certain spots. (Is that a shrimp in your cargo pants? Well, it is now!)

Ft. Pierce, Florida

A woman reportedly chose to go to jail rather than pay her tab of $7.45 at a local Waffle House restaurant. When she refused to pay, the manager called the cops. No word on how many refills she had on the coffee, or just how bad that sandwich must have been. Or maybe it was jus the lack of service?

Lakewood, Colorado

A Colorado couple got more than they bargained for with their takeout meal from Del Taco. They also got a nice helping of herbs; Mary Jane, to be exact. A bag of pot was included in the order by server Dennis Klermund, according to police who investigated and found more hash on site in Klermund’s locker. Of course, rocket surgeon Dennis denied it was his pot, it was really for a friend. No, really! He has no idea how it got in that order.

Klermund no longer works at the taco stand, according to manager Ulises Montero. I guess he’s living the Del Taco slogan of “Go Bold or Go Home” to the fullest possible extent now…

Enjoy the (Ghoulish) Heat!


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