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Saturday Salmagundi for Breakfast

Breakfast is one of my seven favorite meals of the day (to misquote a certain bear). I recently completed a thorough research project on breakfast blogs (I actually used Google twice), and here are some of the neat items I found:

Better Homes and Gardens has published a Tex-Mex Breakfast Pizza
If you like to combine travel […]

Friday Follies: Chile Powder Aids More Than Digestion

As always, the Chile Underground seeks to bring you new and novel uses for chiles and pepper products. And believe me, I think we’ve found a unique one…

The Times of India recently reported that a convicted murderer escaped the clutches of the Kotwali police using a technique one only finds in B-Movie plots: He tossed […]

Thursday Fish: Black Bean Garlic Fish Recipe

Here’s a quickie for your fish requirements. (No, those fish don’t need a quickie, YOU do!)

Black Bean Garlic Fish

This one is flavorful and spicy (if you include the chile strips), but what I like about it is how easy it is to make. Almost any firm white-flesh fish works. Probably would work for shrimp or […]

Oh So Wrong: Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods?

The Detroit Free Press has just reported on something new you can foist off on your friends and family serve to your loved ones: The Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods!

You read that right. Frozen food you don’t have to cook, so you can experience the Joy of Cooking without even cracking open the book. Amazing!

The […]

Food BOM: Pioneer Woman Cooking

Time for another great cooking site to be introduced to the Chile Underground visitors and friends! The October, 2008 Food BOM is (drum roll, please):

Pioneer Woman Cooks

This site isn’t anything like any other food site I’ve found. Clicking the link above sends you to the site, Pioneer Woman, to the cooking page. If […]

Cool Weather Zest: Green Chile Stew

Cool weather’s on its way, even to central Texas! Time to drag out the recipes for hearty soups, stews and chilis. Life’s too short for wimpy cold-weather fare!

Here’s a dish that mimics a chile verde a bit, but isn’t quite as time-intensive to make:

Green Chile Stew

This stew is plenty green, and if you use hot […]

Texas Renaissance Festival: Hot, Cool, Spicy

Yesterday the family and a select group of friends traveled to Plantersville, TX to visit the 34th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival. (That’s 35 years continuous running, every Fall!) This year the Festival runs every weekend from Oct. 11th through Nov. 30th. The RenFest is held in a large, private park about six miles south of […]

Book of the Month: The Spice Merchant’s Daughter

Welcome to the inaugural review for the Chile Underground’s new feature, the Book of the Month! We know you’ll find it to be ‘da BOM.’

The (first) featured book is a cookbook, “The Spice Merchant’s Daughter” by Christina Arokiasamy. Ms. Arokiasamy is originally from Malaysia, and from a family of spice merchants. Her great-great-granddaddy was a […]