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Saturday Salmagundi: Three Nice Blogs


If you’ve looked at the sidebars here at the Chile Underground, you know I visit and enjoy a lot of food blogs. I’m always on the lookout for novel and interesting blogs about everyone’s favorite subject, food!

I look for the following in a food blog:

  • Interesting, clear writing with style and a distinctive (even idiosyncratic) voice
  • Stories, including cultural insights
  • Lots of recipes, how-to hints, and personal cooking experiences
  • Beauty, in both the blog design and the contents
  • Frequent activity; no “hobby light” sites or cobwebs

Of course, travel and exotic locations are a big interest as well, but not an absolute requirement. Cultural insights are a strong influence and will get me to spend considerable time exploring a site. I like having chiles (or spicy) in the contents, but that’s much harder to find as a general rule.

Oh, and pie doesn’t ever hurt a thing.

Here are three sites I’ve found recently that I recommend you spend a bit of your early Saturday looking through:

I plan to introduce other websites regularly, there’s a lot of great information on food, cooking, travel and cultures just waiting for you…

Enjoy the (Zesty Web) Heat!


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