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Halloween Hangover Got You Down? You Need Chili!

Halloween Party

Kids and parents alike can get a Halloween hangover from all the sugar and poor nutrition. I think the worst day is November 2, actually. The night of Halloween you’re busy with the activities and the TOTers, you don’t eat well, you snarf down way too much sucrose and fructose and food colorings, but you’re on the up-side of the event so you feel fine.

The next day, you don’t feel quite right, but you still have mounds of chocolate and hard candies and sweet-sour-sticky stuff, so you munch and snack all day and don’t eat well (again) and you go back up to the top of the metabolic rollercoaster.

By that second morning, you’ve hit bottom and you can’t get up.

Some folks say you need a good carbo-loading, like pasta or something. Bread, tortillas, that sort of thing. Others might even suggest the BRAT diet: Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. I have a different approach:

This stuff doesn’t have a lot of sugar or carbs. It’s got beef (you can use lean pork too, but don’t try chicken or {shudder}vegetarian), onion, tomatoes, spices and sauce. You can add beans (this isn’t an official cookoff chili, so go ahead), but don’t put too many. And regulation pintos only, okay? And don’t tell me if you got them from a can, I don’t want to know…

Enjoy the (Sugar Recovery) Heat!


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