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The Underground Expands Socially


It’s that time of year again. When there’s a distinct chill in the air, and grill smoke fogs up parking lots all over America on Fridays and Saturdays. Time to socialize with the whole gang!

The Chile Underground has decided to “get out more” as well. We’ve joined a number of community sites, including Twitter (microblogging), BlogCatalog, Foodie Blogroll and FoodBuzz. (CU has been a member of the ChileFire ring for a while now.) Why all this connecting and socializing? For the fun! Oh, and spreading the gospel according to CU. Gotta get out there and meet those foodies!

Look for us every now and then on one of those sites. If you know of any other great channels for sharing our demented twisted frivolous light-hearted view of spicy food, travel and whatever else tickles our tastebuds, please let us know! We’re on a roll, might as well sign up for all of ’em…

Enjoy the (Sociable) Heat!


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