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Book of the Month: Bake Until Bubbly


Cold weather and casseroles go together like Astaire and Rogers, or Tracy and Hepburn, or Abbott and Costello.

Okay, that means they’re classics: maybe a bit old-fashioned; elegant, but with a sense of humor at times; and darn well worth checking into again!

The current financial crisis, with its attendant insecurities for many families, has led to a resurgence in cooking at home. And what’s an easier way to feed your family on a budget than a hearty, tasty casserole? Even the rich ones, full of cheese and cream and such, still cost about a fourth of what that bucket of chicken from KFC costs. And then there’s the side dishes, and the high-fructose corn syrup laden drinks you gotta have.

See how much money I’m saving you? Not to mention saving your health.

Well, actually; I’m not saving that money for you. This book is:

Bake Until Bubbly: The Ultimate Casserole Cookbook

Clifford Wright is a prolific writer of themed cookbooks, full of history and how-to information as well as many, many tasty recipes. (One of my most-used cookbooks is Wright’s Some Like It Hot.) His books are far from the simple compendia that you find on the bargain shelves at your local bookseller (like the one-page bachelor’s cookbook: Microwave Until Hot). This is a substantial volume, one you’ll put with the other “I use these” cookbooks.

Mr. Wright has organized this manual in a very reasonable way, and all the pages make use of color; the book is produced using two-color printing, which is always more pleasing to read from, in my opinion. Easier to use, too, when you’re following a recipe in the kitchen. There are 250 recipes in this presented, in a trade paper format to reduce your cost. He has also (re-) developed these recipes himself, and he expresses his explorations with an interesting writing style.

There are sections about Breakfast and Brunch Casseroles; Meat, Poultry and Seafood Casseroles (Yes, seafood! And not simply Tuna Noodle Casserole); Pasta and Rice Casseroles; Vegetable Casseroles, with or without meats; and even Dessert Casseroles. Now you can have one-dish meals all day, every day!

From the review at Jessica’s Biscuit:

Wright has formulated the recipes with today’s cooks in mind, using easy-to-find fresh ingredients and clear, simple steps. Whether you’re looking for a low-stress family supper, an elegant company main dish, a make-ahead brunch, or a potluck crowd-pleaser, his book is brimming with possibilities. Complete with informative cook’s notes and lots of leftover suggestions, Bake until Bubbly is truly the ultimate casserole cookbook.

I only wish there were many pages of color photos of these scrumptious dishes; but that would make the book cost so much no typical family could afford it! And that would be a shame, as the dishes in here, the ultimate in “comfort foods,” are definitely family-pleasing, whether you’re in the Midwest or anywhere else in the world…

Enjoy the (One-Dish Easy) Heat!


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