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F4F: Better Than Thursday Fish!

Cooked Fish

A strange conversation with my wife comes to the rescue…

I’m trying to find a distinctive sobriquet (get THAT word into your usual Friday night cocktail conversation!) for my fairly regular Thursday posts on fish dishes. I like to get the fish recipe out on Thursday, so anyone who wants fish on Friday will have time to read, download the directions and acquire the fresh fish. Most of us don’t have fresh fish just lying about the larder, you see.

Anyway, I’m bugged a lot about what to call this feature, more that I’m usually bugged about stuff. And that’s bothering me even more.

My wife, who’s too perceptive for my own good, asks what’s troubling me. So I unload with my life story, all my trials and tribulations; about 10 seconds into my diatribe she says, “Deeearrr,” in her cut-the-crap, silky tones, “What’s bothering you about your blog?”

I told you she was perspicacious. Spooky, eh?

“I need a name.”

“McGillicuddy. That’s always a good name.”

“I’m not writing fiction here. Okay, not usually. It’s my Thursday fish posts. They need a moniker. A cognomen. A nickname.” I made an anguished grimace, for effect.

Fish for Friday . Then you can shorten it to another one of your inane acronyms, like FFF.”

“Uhhh, inane? Besides, I already have an FFF: Friday Food Follies.”

“So no problem. Call it F4F and you’re done.”

I warned you about her. Good thing I snagged her off the market, lo those many years ago; there’s no telling who she’d be terrorizing today if I hadn’t.

To commemorate this auspicious feature christening, I bring you a simple sauce for fish dishes, found on The Humble Gourmand:

Whatever you do, don’t use this sauce! Unless you want flavor. Or need a marinade. Or dipping sauce. Maybe a basting sauce, then you can use it. Otherwise, leave it strictly alone…

Enjoy the (Gingery) Heat!


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