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Friday Follies: Beer Baths and Busted Babes

Beer Bath

Anybody who hangs around the Chile Underground even the tiniest bit knows I’m a fan of beer. But even I never considered bathing in the stuff! (Well, okay; there was this one time back in grad school, but I’m hoping the other victims perpetrators participants remember even less about the incident than I do.)

Welcome to the new millennium, when beer is now useful for a whole lot more than simply washing down breakfast! The Czech Republic has beer spas! Maybe this vast improvement in civilized behavior will somewhat counterbalance the recent travesty in the USA, where human development and progress have been set back a good half century or so.

The Prave Pivni Lazni in Chodova Plana offers the finest in sudsy soaking. The bath is at a healthful 34 degrees (Celsius, Tom! Don’t Panic!!), and there’s cold beer available in the taps by the tub. Bits of healthful herbs and hops are added as well.

Beer Spa

Apparently this is an idea whose time has come. There’s also a spa in Hakone, Japan that offers beer jacuzzis. And herbal tea baths. And sake soaks! Good thing I can’t afford to go there; I’d drown before I could get it all hoovered up.

That’s it! My next killer business idea!! A beer & sake spa, called “Soak & Suck.” With snacks on sticks. Man, I’m gonna be SO rich…

Dumb Blonde

In other news, a recent incident in Bossier City, LA has proven once again that you don’t need any measurable I.Q. to be a beauty queen.

Reigning Miss Teen Louisiana, Lindsey Evans, and three of her “too beautiful for civil behavior” friends were dining in the finest restaurant in the town, Posados Cafe. (If it’s not the finest, why were they eating there?) It appears they decided they were too cute to pay, or something, so they skipped on the bill.

The manager called the cops, and he knew exactly who to ask them to find. You see, Lindsey was too dense to remember her purse. Which had her identification in it. And some marijuana.

Yep, she was THAT stupid.

Her side of the story was told by one of the co-busted friends to a reporter:

Jennifer Martin, 22, who was among the busted bad girls, said Evans actually left cash for her share of the bill and the other three were ready to pay with debit cards.

“The service was so slow, we just said, ‘screw it’ and left…”

Oh, and did I mention she went back for her purse? And when she identified it for the nice policemen at the restaurant, she was busted and booked. How surprising!

Much less surprising: The beauty queen is now the former Miss Teen Louisiana. The pageant organizers pulled her crown. With only 11 days left in her reign…

Enjoy the (Sudsy, Sexy) Heat!


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